How Can You Choose The Right Tiara For Your Wedding?

At Iqoniques we know that Tiaras are incredible bridal hair accessories, and they help enhance your look in a fun way. They are astounding hair pieces that can be particularly useful for weddings, but they can be just as suitable for royal events, high society meetings, or just a high tier event where you need to show off your best look. They are a lot of fun to wear, they are great modern accessories, and you can find a plethora of styles to choose from here at Iqoniques.

What do Tiaras Symbolize?

Tiaras are a sign of prestige and tradition. They can also be seen as a symbol of status of wealth. The reason why you can find tiaras in bridal shops is that they are a symbol for the crowning of love. Tiaras are a major part of the bridal look. In fact, the mother of the bride tends to buy a special tiara, at least that would be the tradition. 

What Type Of Tiara Should You Choose?

If you want to wear a tiara for your wedding, there are all kinds of options that you can choose from. Here are some of the most common options Iqoniques recommend:

*Wreath tiaras are inspired by nature, they look as a floral wreath or even a vine.

*Bun wrap tiaras are worn further back on the head. So if you want a high updo, this is one of the affordable accessories for brides you can try out today.

*Headband tiaras are a low key option, you usually get to wear them against the head. These are subtle, yet full of charm.

*Double band tiaras stand out quite a bit, but they do match a variety of dress types, which makes them ideal for a lot of different women.

*Wishbone tiaras are bringing a vintage style. They are great and they include both pearls and crystals.

*Lastly, we have the regal style. This is the formal option, it’s bringing more height when compared to the others, so it works great if you have a long face shape.

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How Can You Choose The Right Tiara For Your Wedding?

When you go to bridal shops, you will be overwhelmed with the large number of options. There are all kinds of tiaras you can choose from, so you need to figure out what works for you.

Here is Iqoniques best tips to take in mind:

*Take your wedding dress into consideration, this will dictate the type of tiaras that works for you.

*In case you wear a tiara, stay away from bridal jewelry as it’s too much.

*As we mentioned above, some tiara styles are complementing specific facial features.

*In case you wear a veil, you must go with a traditional tiara. Contemporary or modern tiaras might not fit that very well.

*Make sure that the tiara you choose matches your hair style too.

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