What's Your Wedding Dress Style?

Finding the right type of wedding dress is extremely important, since it’s the most important day in your life and you want to wear something that represents you. But when you go to bridal shops, you end up overwhelmed with the huge number of options. Which does make you wonder here, what type of wedding dresses should you go for? Here is our Iqoniques best options you can take into consideration to suit your style and needs.


Backless wedding dresses are very modern, on trend and suitable especially when it comes to outdoor weddings or during the summer. You can add a few embellished designs or you can keep it simple. These look great, and they will make you stand out quite a bit.


A-Line dresses are suitable for most women because they maintain a flattering silhouette. But the best part is that you also get to have lots of mobility, which is not the case for most wedding dresses, just try to keep that in mind.


Sheath dresses come with a slim shape, and that makes them ideal for petite women. It’s a great formfitting style that still allows plenty of movement too. That’s what makes it so unique and different in the first place.


The Trumpet dresses are very similar to the mermaid style, but in this case you have a lot more comfort. There’s a tight fit around the waist and chest, however it flares out around your knees. If you want to show your curves while also being able to move well, this helps quite a bit.


Strapless dresses are very popular, mainly because you are not constricted that much, if at all. Instead, you get to show off your arms and your shoulders. Plus, they are great for colder months, and they are just as good for indoor weddings too.


If you go for the Mermaid style, you have to keep in mind this is a modern, impressive and flattering style. It’s definitely dramatic, but it allows you to show your curves. This is very well fitted at the top, and it does offer the illusion of an hourglass shape.

Ball Gown

There’s also this style that makes you feel like a princess. You have a full skirt, fitted upper body, and plenty of space to move around and not feel like you’re wearing a corset. You can add some extra fabric such as lace or tulle for a more dramatic look.

So which one will you go for?

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to wedding dresses. You want to go with ideas that are fun, different, engaging, but which help you express yourself. These styles are amazing, they make you stand out, while also offering plenty of comfort too. Just avail the opportunity and test these out to see which one suits your needs. Even if it takes a bit of a trial and error, you will have no problem finding the ideal wedding dress. Then you have to find great bridal hair accessories and other pieces to create an amazing look!

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